Wednesday, 5 March 2014

>>>Phase [P4] Re-inhabitation

Following the development of individual programs defining act of transformation and art form, hence founding the development of a transformativel intervention proposal, [P4] emphasises a focus on investigations leading to concretization of their on-site materialisation.
Each team/student is required to perform the investigations in response to a final hand-in requirement of their presentation material in four different scales, XL, L, M, S:

[XL] 1:5000 or 1:10000 / territorial relations
The material should communicate
-      relations between the larger physical context and the structural organization of the planned and existing PRORA complex recording state (planned, but not realized; demolished; ruin; original state transformed during DDR rule; recent transformation)
-       the area which is subject of transformative intervention and its relation to / impact on the existing PRORA complex
The objective is to explore and communicate particular qualities in the existing structure-context relations, and the transformative intervention´s approach to the disclosed qualities.

[L] 1:1000 / local relations
The material should communicate
-       relations between the transformative intervention the adjacent physical context
-       distribution of programs disclosing in-between relations
The objective is to explore particular qualities in the existing structure-context relations at a local level, and communicate the transformative intervention’s approach to qualifying the disclosed qualities.

[M] 1:50 or 1:100 / in-between relations
The objective is to explore and develop particular spatial, material and immaterial qualities in the relations between the existing structure and the proposed transformative intervention.
Scale should be critically selected in correspondence with its ability to fulfil this objective.
The production of a model in either 1:50 or 1:100 is compulsory and is to be supplemented by drawings.

[S] 1:20 and/or 1:10 and/or 1:1 / detail(-s)
The objective is to explore and develop material qualities in one or more critically selected relation(-s) between the existing structure and the proposed transformative intervention. The selection criteria should be based on the materials ability to document proposed materialization(-s) of paramount interest to the chosen act of intervention.

Teamwork/individual work
Mixed media
Mar. 5th-May 2nd
Exploration and development of programmed spatial relationships in dialogue with an existing physical context.

Wed. Mar. 5th             
9:00-16:00 [P4] Introduction / studio consultations       
Thu. Mar. 6th              
Studio consultations                         
Fri. Mar. 7th                         
10.00 Film: Wim Wender´s Pina / Grand Auditorium – nb: not compulsory

General week schedule:
Mondays: Studio tutorials IW / TiN/ SCW
Tuesdays: Studio tutorials  SCW
Wednesdays: Studio tutorials IW / TiN 
Thursdays: Studio tutorials IW / TiN / SCW
Fridays: Studio work: reflection+action following pin up or crit

For information on pin-ups please check the unit blog.
For information on desk-crits please check the list of appointments with the assigned tutor
For information on common BA2+3 lectures and international lectures, please check unit calendar and/or

Midterm crit: The gym
Mon. 24th                              
9.00-12.00 hand-in & space set up
Tue. 25th                    
9.00-12.00, 13.00-15.00
Wed. 26th
9.00-11.00, 13.00-16.00

Mon. 31st                    
Program hand-in

At midterm crit as a minimum scale XL plus an additional critically selected scale L, M or S have to be developed to a level of finalization that enables a discussion of the implications of the choices made herein to the further development of a final proposal for transformative intervention communicated through all four scales.
Apr. 7th-11th              
The wood workshop is booked for model production

Final reviews: The gym
Apr. 25th                    
Final hand-in & space set up
Apr 28th-May 2nd
Final Reviews

Please note that final hand-in & review schedule may be subject to alterations according to Unitmaster/Head of BA Programme decisions.